People are in Your Life for a Season…Know When to Let Go

When I first meet a guy, I can always determine how long we’ll last and oftentimes even, how we’ll break up. I’ve gotten pretty good at this mostly because I have a type: pretty boys and athletes (that’s a conversation for a different article). I’m not looking for a relationship or marriage so it works […]

Why You Should Watch Love Goals on OWN TV

The OWN network has some really good reality TV shows. I happened their latest series, Love Goals, and was immediately hooked. The show features five celebrity couples and a licensed therapist who, for two weeks, attempts to get them to reach their love goal. The goal for each couple differs, and in an effort not to […]

I Am Love

I am love and it’s not for err’body.The materialistic sees no value;there’s no price tag or blingso my price is unseen.The broken bows his head in shame.Feeling, lost, incomplete, unworthy,he will never win the game.Still, I am love.So I pray for the shallow and hurtthat you may find enlightenment, revelation, and self-worth.

The Desire to Be Loved

Because psychologists describe love simply as having a strong desire for an emotional union with another person, there’s no internal mechanism to distinguish between healthy and unhealthy love. That’s because our desire arises from loneliness and our need to feel accepted and cherished. So you can fall in love with an abuser just as easily as you […]