Meet 16-year-old activist Terrell Bullock-Wallington and hear how moving from the North Philly ‘hood to the black, middle-class area of Mt. Airy changed his outlook, inspiring him to seek change in others.
Like most young men, instead of talking about his feelings about his parent’s divorce, he acted out. Discover how the threat of jail time motivated David Simons to turn his life around.
Vintner Kirsten Beverly discusses how walking away from a toxic relationship set her dream of winemaking into motion.
A native Jamaican, Monique Doran describes how she survived incest from her dad and why love is her superpower.
J. Cerrone is a Philadelphia author, ghostwriter, and publisher. In this episode, he describes how incarceration led him to his childhood dream and how he fought and succeeded against parental alienation and malicious mother syndrome from his son’s mother.